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  Efficient Vision-based Smart Meter Reading Network
  International Journal of Web Services Research
  C.H. Chen, C.Y. Chen, C.H. Hsia*, and G.X. Wu2017.02
  Adapt DB-PSO patterns clustering algorithms and its applications in image segmentation
  Multimedia Tools and Applications
  H.C. Chen, H.M. Feng*, T.H. Lin, C.Y. Chen, and Y.X. Zha2016.12
  Real-Time Self-Localization of a Mobile Robot by Vision and Motion System
  International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
  S.Y. Chiang*, C.A. Wei, and C.Y. Chen2016.12
  Path planning and obstacle avoidance for omni-directional mobile robot based on Kinect depth sensor
  International Journal of Embedded Systems
  C. Y. Chen*, S.Y. Chiang, and C.T. Wu2016.08
  Evolutionary Design of Multiplierless Lifting-based 2D DWT Filters for Low-resolution Image Processing
  Multimedia Tools and Applications
  C.Y. Chen*, C.H. Hsia, and C.Y. Yang2016.08
  Dynamic Image Segmentation Algorithm in 3D Descriptions of Remote Sensing Images
  Multimedia Tools and Applications
  C.Y. Chen, H.M Feng*, H.C. Chen, and S.M. Jou2016.08

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