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  An Unlinkable Anonymous Payment Scheme based on near field communication
  Computers & Electrical Engineering
  J.-N. Luo, M.-H. Yang, S.-Y. Huang2016
  A Novel Multilayered RFID Tagged Cargo Integrity Assurance Scheme
  M.-H. Yang, J.-N. Luo, S.-Y. Lu2016
  An Anonymous NFC-Based Payment Protocol
  Applied Mechanics and Materials
  J.-N. Luo, M.-H. Yang2015.05
  EMV-based mobile payment protocol for offline transactionVwith the ability of mutual authentication
  International Journal of Science and Engineering (IJSE)
  J.-N. Luo, M.-H.Yang,Y.-C. Ho2015
  Journal of Information, Technology and Society
  ùŹ, 2014.12
  Multi-level Offline Delegation Transfer in Mobile RFID Networks
  Jia Ning Luo, Ming Hour Yang2014.11

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