Goals and Competencies

Goal 1: Knowledge Impartation
To develop students competency to apply prerequisite mathematical tools, scientific foundation, and the knowledge of Information and Telecommunications engineering in improving human lives
Goal 2: Skill Training
To develop the professional skills of Information and Telecommunications engineering so that students can serve the job market needs immediately
Goal 3: Striving for Excellence
To nurture students as potential leading members in the Information and Telecommunications engineering profession based on holistic education
Goal 4: Team Spirit
To train students in organization and communication skills and to use the power of teamwork to solve project problems
Goal 5: World-wide Views
To nurture students as future Information and Telecommunications engineers with global views

Core Competencies of undergraduate

Nine core competencies are identified in the program to demonstrate that the students attain these learning goals by the time of graduation.

Knowledge of profession O1 . Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering (solid foundation)
O2 . Ability to organize, analyze and process problems (organize and analyze)
O3 . Ability to design a system and its components (design system)
Integrate System O4 . Ability to design and execute projects (design and execute)
O5 . Ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams (team negotiation)
O6 . Ability to integrate computer information and telecommunication technology (integrate technology)
Social responsibility O7 . Knowledge of contemporary issues and the impact of information and telecommunications engineering in the societal context (knowledge of contemporary issues)
O8 . Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning (life-long learning)
O9 . Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility (societal ethics)

Core Competencies of graduate

Professional Knowledge O1 . Equip with professional knowledge in information and telecommunication engineering
Planning and Execution O2 . Process planning, execution and writing of projects and thesis
Creative Research O3 . Process creative thinking and independent problem solving capabilities
Technology Integration O4 . Lead and integrate an information and telecommunication team
International Vision O5 . Understand the international development trend of information and telecommunication
Life-long Learning O6 . Maintain life-long learning