NewsClass Meeting Promotion of Chun Hui Anti-smoking and drug

Promotion Theme: Cherish life: Say ‘no’ to drugs & quit smoking


Promotion Themes:

1.Vision of Nonsmoking Campus and Second-hand smoke prevention

2.Enhance the promotion of Anti-smoking and Anti-drugs, ensure students understand the damage of smoking and drugs and prevent misuse and infiltration of drugs on campus.

3.Promoting Echinacea Campaign from the Ministry of Education - Anti-smoking and Anti-drugs.


Promotion Contents:

@BReasons to quit smoking

1. Smoking may lead to cancer. World Health Organization has confirmed that 30% of cancer is related to smoking.

2. Smoking may lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

3. Smoking may cause lung cancer, chronic emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

4. Smoking can reduce fertility and also increase risk for birth defects.

5. Smokers have higher incidence of osteoporosis and early menopause.

6. Smoking during pregnancy may easily lead to preterm delivery, low birth weight and increased chances of miscarriage.

7. Smoking stains your teeth and fingers, causes bad breath and leads to "cigarette face."

8. Smoking harms your and others. Quit smoking to keep yourself healthy.

GBHazards resulting from drug abuse

In accordance with the statistics reported by Common Wealth Magazine, more than 25,000 people, 40% of all prisoners in Taiwan, are incarcerated due to drugs and 80% of them will be re-incarcerated, which leads to overcrowded prisons in Taiwan. In addition, more than 40% of prosecution cases are related to drugs.

Drug addicts usually squander their family property, bring much stress to their families, often leading to broken families. Some of them even get involved in larceny, robbery and violence for buying drugs, which not only causes numerous societal tragedies, but is also ruinous to Taiwan. It is difficult to treat drug addiction, thus it is really important to enhance anti-smoking and anti-drug education.

TBBrief introduction of Echinacea Campaign

The government has held “National Anti-drug Conferences”  since 1994 to extend anti-drug promotion. However, with the endless stream of new drug types and their disguises and variations, drugs are not easy to detect and prevent. The campaign against illegal drug use requires new and systematic methods to achieve better results.

On June 2, 2012, representatives of civil associations, Minister of Education and the R.O.C. President attended an anti-drug conference expo. At the event, they passed and waved the "Echinacea Campaign" flag and declared that together we will promote the campaign from campus to the society, from Taiwan to the world and earn lasting international recognition for our stance against drugs.

Reference websites:

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