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Avoid Fraudsters in Part-time Jobs with “Seven-No’s and Three-Yes’ Policy”

  • “Seven No’s” on which to insist on the interview day:

  • 1.   Do not hand over any money for uncertain or unreasonable use.

  • 2.   Do not buy any products you are not familiar with.

  • 3.   Do not sign any documents or contract.

  • 4.   Do not apply for a credit card at the company’s request.

  • 5.   Do not let the company keep your identification card, credit card or deposit book.

  • 6.   Do not drink alcoholic beverages, uncertain drinks or food offered.

  • 7.   Do not engage in illegal work or work for an illegal company.

  •  “Three Yes’s” before the interview:

  • 1.   Ensure the company is an incorporated company in advance by searching for and collecting company information through Internet or the Ministry of Economic Affairs Registration.

  • 2.   Review the content of the recruitment advertisement for unreasonable conditions, unclear or uncertain job content.

  • 3.   Ask your family or friend to accompany you to the interview or let them know the venue of the interview.

  • Ensure the content of the contract is fair and reasonable; if the contract includes the following articles, please discuss with a faculty/staff member, drillmaster, counselors or the government unit related to labor affairs before you sign that contract in order to prevent infringing upon your rights or you being cheated:

  • 1.     Does not give you clear answers about the company’s business or your job content and constantly tells you the job is easy with good pay and numbers are limited.

  • 2.     Holds interview in a public place as the company is an unincorporated company.

3.     Requests you to mail your important personal documents such as ID card or debit card to a designated address.

4.     Exaggerates the results from using a product and encourages you to buy products or invest in the company.

5.     Requests that you pay a deposit which will be refunded after you officially start to work.

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