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Final examination week is from June 20 to 23, 2017. The university holds to the educational philosophy of strict discipline and diligent teaching. Students who are shown through actual evidence to have cheated during examinations will be punished in accordance with Student Merit and Demerit Procedures. We would like to ask class advisors to remind students to make good use of their study time and obey examination regulations when taking an examination. Student must not ask others to take the examination on their behalf or try to violate the regulations. Please help to communicate the following announcements to students.

1. Once entering the examination classroom, students are required to turn off their cell phones, check if there are any unnecessary sheets of paper in their pockets and if there is any writing on their assigned desk. Textbooks and handouts are not allowed to be put under or around the chairs. These should be removed immediately, as, if there are signs of writing, textbooks or handouts, students will be deemed to be cheating.Upon investigation, punishment for cheating may range from Observation to 2nd Level Expulsion.

2. Students are not allowed to apply for “personal leave” during the Final examination period. Students who need to apply for official leave, sick leave, compassionate leave, maternity leave or special leave must submit related documents and apply for a special case absence on an examination day and complete the procedure for absence within two days of missing an exam (including the examination day). Sick leave will only be approved by the university when proof of injury or illness is presented that has been issued by medical institutions that have been approved by the government and verified with their institutional seal.The deadline for online application is June 23, 2017 (Friday). Students are required to apply for leave on the same day of the absence. The deadline for submitting relevant proof is June 26, 2017 (Monday).

3. Students are required to respect the importance of examinations and not to take leaves lightly to avoid affecting their studies.

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