To fit the human resource demand as well as the need for innovation and integration in network and wireless communication, the Department of Information and Telecommunications was established in 2002. The goal of the Department is to incubate engineers in computers, networking and telecommunication. The Department changed its name to "Information and Telecommunications Engineering" in 2003. In 2008, a masters program was set up.

    The faculty of the Department consists of 13 dedicated PhDs plus 9 instructors with masters' degrees whose professional focus range from Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science to Information Engineering. There are 3 Professors, 4 Associate Professors and 6 Assistant Professors, and 9 instructors, who are all well-experienced academic or industrial experts in the computer and telecommunication arena.

    As the goal of the Department is to incubate engineers in computer, networking and telecommunication, the courses of the Department are designed for this goal with emphasis on both theoretical and practical training. The undergraduate courses cover basic knowledge and skills in electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, information and telecommunication engineering. The graduate studies focus on network and wireless communication technology, embedded systems and mobile communication technology, multimedia technology and communication technology etc.