Network Lab

Fitting the market trend and achieving a better education environment were reasons behind establishment of the Network Teaching Lab in 2002. Organized for 40 students, there are 5 sets equipment for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification and 1 set of equipment for CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Certification in the Lab.

CCNA Lab equipment:
There are 6 Cisco 2500/2600 series routers and 3 switches in each set of lab equipment. This can help students to build up and simulate a large scale network environments.
CCNP Lab equipment:
Students can build a wide area network to set up advanced routing. Using the equipment of 4 frame relays, 8 sets of phone lines, we can simulate modem dial- up experiments. Beside, there is a Cisco 4006 switch for Multi-Layer switching.

2500 series

2600 series

4000 series switch

700 series

WLAN simulator

1700 series

Intra network in the Lab

Optical fibers to outside and UTP


Remote Access Control Lab

There is a Remote Access Control Lab to let students to access the network and set up the routers or switches at home.