Telecom Lab

Research Field: RF Component and Antenna, Design of Wireless Communication Systems

    Wireless communication Laboratory targets on three researching fields of communication systems, including microwave components implementation, antenna test/design and wireless software defined radio applications and systems design.

    From baseband to RF in communication systems, this Lab provides integration technologies for cross-layer research. Several important instruments in this Lab include chamber, network analyzer (Agilent PNA 5230, BW:10MHz~20GHz), standard horn antennas, log periodic antenna, vector signal generator (BW: 6GHz), spectrum analyzers (13.6GHz), X-band Resonator and several software packages for communication systems design. Students can participate in Wireless Communication Lab to complete the basic training on all of those techniques for generating the wireless components, systems designs and technical papers.

    Dung-Shing Hung, Chih-Yang Kao