Embedded Lab

Research directions: Embedded Systems and Multimedia applications

    The laboratory provides students with embedded system development platform (RFID module), Altera DE2, waveform generator, Web PAD, NET-Start, SOC package, LEGO NXT, and Smart Display, etc. Research topics include football robot, intelligence vacuum robot, 24-axis humanoid robot, autonomous vehicle, voice controlled LEGO robot, Gesture Recognition with Wiimote, telephone conversation cost software, etc. Research in multimedia applications is focused on video and audio data compression, speaker recognition, object tracking and pattern recognition, etc. Research topics include human face recognition systems, license plate recognition systems, web conference systems, object tracking systems, and Noise Reduction of Wavelet Feature for Speech Recognition, etc.

    Shu-Yin Chiang, Shih-Chieh Su, Ching-Yi Chen, Donq-Liang Lee, Chien-Wu Tsai, and Shung-Yung Lung