Telecom Teaching Lab

The equipment of Telecommunication Lab can be divided into three categories:

1. Fundamental courses related equipment

This equipment is for the courses of Digital System Laboratory, Basic Circuit Laboratory, Electronic Circuit Laboratory and Microprocessor System Laboratory.

Digital DC power supply

Function generator

Digital multimeter

Digital oscilloscope

Multi function IC burner

Resistance tester

Analog IC tester

Digital IC tester

2. Advanced courses related equipment

This equipment is for the courses of Communication Technology Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and Digital Circuit Design Laboratory. Students can measure high frequency signals and learn related skills from the development kits.

RF education training system

Wireless audio/video RF education system

Digital circuit design development kit

DSP development kit

Digital oscilloscope

A/D communication development kit

Telecommunication electronic circuit development kit

Communication simulation

Network analyzer

Spectrum analyzer

3. Embedded system related courses equipment

This equipment is for the courses of Embedded System Laboratory and Advanced Embedded System Laboratory. Students have practical experience through the equipment to debug and design systems.

Embedded development kit

Arbitrary function generator



SOC development kit

Robot Lego module

Smart Display